Michaelene K. Shipshinski

After experiencing unending headaches that lasted weeks at a time my family physician began to investigate the cause.

She ordered an MRI which came back suspicious.

We followed that with an MRA which confirmed the diagnosis.  Aneurysm of the right ICA.   

I met with neurosurgery at GWV and was referred to Danville for further care.

Dr. Bhalla preformed a coiling procedure in December 2013.

When I went for my 6 month follow up things were going ok.

At my 1 year follow up angiogram (December 2014) it was found that the aneurysm was still recieving some blood around the coils.

In April 2015 Dr. Bhalla and Dr. Schirmer preformed a pipeline stent procedure.

Follow up angiogram scheduled October 2015.